(Toilet wall graffiti in Riggins)

Today was beautiful but a little overcast. We wandered around McCall, stopping for coffee and checking emails. The bank have now closed my internet banking, so the stress is back on!

We went to Ponderosa State Park before leaving, seeing 5 deer and great views of McCall and the lake.

We drove on to Riggins, playing the alphabet game by myself. We drove 20 miles up a dirt track (Seven Devils Road) to look into Hell’s Canyon. It’s 2000 ft deeper than the Grand Canyon, but doesn’t have steep sides, so you can’t really see the bottom. There was snow on the surrounding peaks and clouds coming in. It was cold, and time to leave!

We got some food in Summerville’s Cafe in Riggins, then drove on to Cottonwood. We found Dog Bark Park but reception closed at 4pm and it was now 6pm. We went to a different motel which also had a restaurant, where we had supper. Went to bed early because we’re now on Pacific Time and one hour behind.

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