Just a selection of bands I’ve newly discovered and their MySpace links:

*TAT* – found these guys in September, a while before their album was released. Put it on my birthday wishlist, but had to wait til Christmas. All good though – awesome album. Shame they’re only playing one gig in the UK in the foreseeable future, and that’s next Thursday in Camden. Am I crazy enough to go?!

*Hip Parade* – if you’re not already watching Orange Unsigned, you should be. These guys rock. They look and sound like a band (unlike some of the earlier acts). Everything about them screams that they should and will definitely make it big. “Kick off your shoes, get down on the dancefloor!”

The Resistors – I don’t normally trust bands that find me. But I like these guys. Currently unsigned – I hope they’re signed soon so they can release an album and come up north on tour!

Mindless Self Indulgence – I think these guys made it onto my ‘Look Them Up’ List cuz they played Leeds last year. They’re a bizarre mix of dance and rock music. Really seems to work though. The lyrics don’t exactly match my new straight-edge lifestyle (not many do!) but it’s damn good to dance to!

Cajun Dance Party – started listening to this band last year and I thought they were going to make it big, but they seem to have disappeared off the radar. I think they’ve been on tour in Europe and Japan. Worth a listen.

Scarlet Harlots – another band from Orange Unsigned. They were knocked out, but may (hopefully) be voted back in. Just like been sat in on a band’s jamming session.

And the not-so-small ones:

Los Campesinos! – sound like a bunch of kids having fun. Who doesn’t wish they could join them?! Currently on tour in the USA. “One blink for yes, two blinks for no. Sweet dreams sweet cheeks, we leave alone”

The Kills – they’ve been around for ages, but took a while to catch on. And then ages longer to mention it! “I want you to be crazy cuz you’re boring baby when you’re sane” (warning about their page – someone’s put a track on there which starts up straight away. Don’t know where it is and doesn’t sound like them either)

Neon Neon – Griff and Boom Bip. I have to skip over a couple of tracks on the album cuz I really don’t like them, but I love so much of it – Dream Cars, Alderaan, Raquel, Trick for Treat, Lust U, Belfast…

Strung Out – heavy punk band, been around for years. Introduced to me this year. I can imagine they’d be a great band to see live.

Against Me – another punk band that have been around for years and only introduced to me this year. Not nearly as heavy as above, but good music. Missed their Salt Lake City gig in October by two days 🙁

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