Thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of digging about this whole ‘straight edge’ thing, so I looked up a few websites. Turns out it’s not just about abstaining from vices. It’s about being a respectful and inspirational person, trying to have a positive impact on those around you.

It gets a bit sketchy cuz – as with most things – there’s a group of hardliners, believing they are better than everyone else cuz they’re straight edge. And there’s those who preach to people who aren’t straight edge.

I’m not that kind of person anyway. I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 years and never felt the need to preach to others. I think I’ll treat this the same way. If someone asks why, I’ll tell them my reasons. If someone gets on their high horse and tries to tell me I’m wrong, I’ll argue back. If I’m not preaching to them, why should they be preaching to me?

On this note of being a positive and inspirational person, it seems I’m already achieving my goals to a certain extent. Recently some friends told me they envied my confidence. Apparently I exude it. I wasn’t aware of this, although it is something I aim for.

And it’s been a long time coming! For as long as I can remember my actions have been dictated by how I think others will view them. I’m not too keen on ruffling feathers so I tend to be agreeable. I don’t like the limelight so I don’t do anything that’ll get me noticed by too many people. But why should this be the case? I’m not saying I’m going to deliberately do crazy things to get myself noticed, cuz that isn’t me, but I shouldn’t be seeking the approval of others.

I’ve reached that point now where I’m going to do what I want and not care what people think. Especially if it’s out of my comfort zone (still haven’t got the guts to dance down the street though!). Shame it has taken being bullied in school, several depressive episodes, long-term low self-esteem and years of living well within my comfort zone for me to finally come up with this.

“It’s about leading by example because others will follow if they see something special in the way you carry yourself and are doing something for yourself that has made you a better and happier person.” (Straight Edge Lifestyle)

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