All week I was dreading my shift at the Samaritans. Of the last four, I’ve called in sick twice. I really was sick but I was still relieved to have a reason not to go.

I have a mixture of reasons why. Now that I work in Rhyl, I’m already spending a lot of time over there. And the shift doesn’t start until 7pm so I have to amuse myself for a couple of hours. I feel like I’m not getting the same satisfaction from it anymore. Maybe it just helped while I was unemployed because it gave me something to do. I feel like the quality of calls doesn’t help – you can go a whole shift without getting a genuine call.

There was a branch meeting which I couldn’t attend as I had a shift. I fully intended to give my notice after they’d finished. They were giving out numbers to new volunteers (i.e. me). And I had a few genuine calls that shift. Can’t very well hand my notice in now can I? At least not in the near future. Guess I’ll give it a bit longer and see how I feel.

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