Apparently in the years that I haven’t been using trains I have forgotten how they work. I think too much like a driver now. Today I missed a train from Rhyl because I was trying to find the alternative parking that I didn’t know about. I then tried to race the train to Chester station, and naturally I lost.

I’m annoyed because I was there with time to spare, but only assuming I could’ve parked straight away and not drive around the loop system 3 times looking for the car park. I’m annoyed because I stopped to get change for the car park, which I then didn’t need.

But most of all I’m annoyed because I made a totally irrational decision to chase the train (!) rather than walk into the station and find out when the next train was. I drove like an idiot, and usually I’m quite proud of the fact that I drive well.

I never made it to Cardiff. Had I waited in Rhyl there would’ve been another train and I could’ve got a connection further along and only been about 30 minutes late. Instead I missed that one as I drove to Chester, and the next train would’ve got me there almost 2 hours late (for a 4 hour meeting).

Mum made a comment about me being able to get myself around the world but not to Cardiff. I always consider it to be a much bigger problem abroad, so I’m always prepared and hanging around stations. Except for that one time on my way back from Guatemala, but a delayed flight is hardly my fault. I underestimated the little complications that can crop up for a journey to Cardiff.

So two lessons learnt. One: scope out the situation the day before to see if I need to allow extra time. And two: stop and consider the rational and irrational choices before making a decision.

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