So Tesco has published their pre-tax profits, at £3.13 billion this year. Sales are topping £1 billion per week. They are the UK’s biggest retailer and the third biggest in the world. There is an outlet in every postcode in the UK (taken from BBC website – I assume this means the two letters).

I went to Tesco on Good Friday. It was horrible. I thought the idea of supermarkets was to make shopping easier? Instead you have to walk about a mile into the shop before you even reach food, because they’ve got TVs and toys and clothes to sell to you as soon as you walk through the door. And what shop doesn’t have an escalator these days? Everyone is so hacked off by the time they reach the food that everyone’s got trolley rage and absolutely no patience for any other shoppers.

So congratulations supermarkets. You’ve successfully managed to continue reaping ridiculous profits while your customers get stressed out and angry with each other. Not to mention all the smaller shops you’ve priced out of the market. Then there’s all the former green space until you came along and turned it into grey space. And let’s not forget all your suppliers: people getting paid pittence for making the clothes you sell or growing the coffee you sell. And the animals brought into the world only as a commodity, living in cramped conditions and fed growth hormones, until their put out of their misery and end up on your shelves.

It’s time to stop shopping in supermarkets. For me at least. Their charity donations just aren’t sufficient when the business they do is part of the problem. Local, cooperative, fair trade and organic from now on.

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  1. They turn places into ghost towns, both in physical appearance and community spirit. They are creating a world monopoly unopposed because they have politicians in their pockets and on their boards. It seams inevitable to me that within the next decade most small shops and retailers will have closed, we will be left with these several ‘chains’ – and that’s when they will start to financially exploit us. They will be allowed to do that unopposed as well. It started with food, but now they sell us everything from petrol to insurance, they now enter the banking field.

    They are directly responsible for the decline of the western world’s health, the death of its communities. Why are they allowed to monopolise when others are not? Oh silly question it’s because the world’s politicians and decision makers are mainly corrupt.

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