Girl gets invited to join some people out, including Boy who she quite likes. Boy monopolises her time that night, talking to her the whole time, complimenting her, trying to kiss her. Boy says he’d like to take her out. Girl says OK and gives him her number. Girl gives Boy a lift home, much to the amusement of his friends who are wondering how he’s managed this. Girl lets Boy kiss her goodnight.

Boy doesn’t call. Girl leaves it a while then sends a ‘breezy’ facebook message. Boy apologises and again says he’d like to take her out. Girl says “you’ve got my number”. Still, Boy doesn’t call.

Ordinarily I would put this down to a bad experience and forget it. But I genuinely think he’s interested. So I’m confused. I want to say “oi, what happened?” but without seeming stalker-like or crazy or angry. And it isn’t really my turn to move either. My, he’s frustrating!

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