It’s 10 years that we’ve been friends. And yet I haven’t been able to get him to spend more than one night with me while he’s been home. I know we’ve both been a bit rubbish at keeping in touch while he’s away, but it’s always been the same – we hang out loads and catch up while he’s home.

Either (a) I’m paranoid; (b) I’ve done something to piss him off; or (c) he just doesn’t want to hang out with me. Obviously the easiest way to find out would be to ask. But I’m afraid that if the answer is (b) and I don’t know what I’ve done, that’ll make it worse. And if the answer is (c), what then?

He has more power than most to affect my mood.

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  1. A choice, between the land of knowing, or the land of paranoia. The truth is always the best outcome – in the long term; it may lead to many head trips in the short term but in the end you will arrive at acceptance. Acceptance is the first step in dealing with any issue.

    Of course the real issue that you have not mentioned or perhaps not considered is: will he tell the truth. I agree it’s a total mental turmoil trip to find oneself in a position of carrying some sort of feelings for someone and not have them returned, or like this changed over time without explanation or perceived reason.

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