Over half way through 2009 now, so I thought I’d check out how my resolutions are going…

1. Become a straight-edge punk – no drink, no drugs, no smoking, no casual sex. Three out of four ain’t bad.

2. Leave the old boys in the past. Not going as well as I’d hoped. The one ‘old boy’ I would’ve liked to hang on to seems to have vanished. I’m speaking to the one who hurt me, but still need to find out if he’s aware that I’ve basically ignored him for most of this year.

3. Learn Welsh. It’s improving since I’m reading and hearing more in work, and I’ve signed up for lessons starting in September.

4. Give more money to charity. This’ll have to wait a little longer, until my finances are in better shape!

5. Exercise more. Definitely – I’m either riding horses, running with other people on horses, or chasing them around fields. Also done a bit of hill walking, and my bike is fixed and ready to go.

6. Spend more time with friends. I seem to have done a ‘180’ – gone from too much free time to no free time.

7. And finally, blog more. Still not as much as I’d like, but definitely more than in the past.

It’s not perfect but I’m quite happy that most of resolutions have stayed in tact thus far.

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