So the guy who hurt me around Christmas is “kinda sorta seeing someone” (his words). This is good. We’ve been talking again recently, becoming friends again I guess. But our friendship has never been normal: there has always been flirting and innuendo and a grey area. But now he is seeing someone, I can draw the line and remove the grey area (especially since I’m kinda sorta friends with the girl in question).

And yet, it’s also not so great. Before I could simply say that he just didn’t want a girlfriend. But now that isn’t the case. Now it says he is/was perfectly capable of asking a girl out, but just not me. And that’s still a smack in the face, even if I don’t want to be his girlfriend anymore. And after another recent disappointment, I find myself saying “what’s so wrong with me? Why aren’t I girlfriend material?”


  1. “what’s so wrong with me? Why aren’t I girlfriend material?”

    Absolutely nothing is wrong, and you are girlfriend material – Possibly you’re just not meeting or mixing with the right types who would appreciate you?

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