Monthly archives: December 2009

After doing several pub quizzes with questions about Animal Farm, I decided to finally read the book. I knew it was about Communism and its perversion to dictatorship, but I didn’t realise it was based on Stalin and Russia in particular, and its colourful history of trying to get it […]

Animal Farm

I won’t go into any great detail right now (mostly because I’ve only been hearing the headlines), but it would be a great disappointment if the ‘world leaders’ don’t reach a substantial agreement in Copenhagen this week. Developed nations seem content to continue as they are, despite all the warnings. […]

Copenhagen Climate Talks

That time of year to think about resolutions again (and Christmas obviously). But first I will look back at the 2009 ones. 1. Straight edge – the no drinking has gone really well. It has become easier as the year has gone on, and I can’t see any reason to […]

Resolutions 2010