If ever there is an argument for proportional representation…


Labour have only 6% more of the vote than Lib Dems, and yet 201 more seats? Is it any wonder almost half the population don’t vote?

I’m fully aware that PR may lead to UKIP and BNP seats, but it should also mean less people vote tactically and a more accurate representation of society. And if UKIP and BNP is accurate, then those issues need to be addressed.

I’m disappointed that Lib Dems have had to sign up to the Tories immigration cap in order to secure the coalition. I don’t personally agree that it is OK to simultaneously bomb a foreign country and refuse entry to our own country. I also feel the same way about the economic stranglehold we and other rich nations have. How can we promote democracy and a free market and say how awesome our systems are, and be surprised that people want to move here? We need to sign up to a system where everyone wins together – as opposed to the current system where some lose so that others win.

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