I feel like I’ve lost a friend and don’t know why. I feel like the more I try to hang on, the more she pushes away. And it makes me really sad because we were so close.

I felt like I’d found someone who I could be really honest and vulnerable with, and I’d never had a friend like that before. She made me appreciate my other friends more than I had been doing too, because she was such a good friend.

I think I was a pretty good friend to her too.

Maybe it was just one-sided. Or maybe the time apart when I was in Newcastle was just too much. I knew I would have to be “replaced” and didn’t expect to just slot back in and spend as much time together as we had been doing.But I haven’t been able to slot back in at all. Made more difficult by the fact that I’m not in town much.

I started off by calling and texting a fair bit, but now I don’t bother. There’s only so many unreturned calls and texts you can take without damaging your self-esteem.

Friends come and go. But it’s really shit when the ones you think will be around for ages slip away.

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