I’m getting a bit teed off with people pointing out what a lot of work I’ve got to do with the land. I realise they think they’re being helpful, but what they don’t realise is that they’re one of many people telling me the same thing.

And pointing it out doesn’t get the work done any faster.

I know I have lots of horses that need feeding and looking after. They’re not going anywhere. As far as horses go, they’re pretty low maintenance. And when the system works, it works well. And even if I was considering selling them, there is no market for chronically lame, wild or dangerous horses.

I know the land is a mess. We had a very wet winter which is now being followed by a drought, so all the tracks have dried in place. There isn’t a lot I can do about this, and a lot of farmers haven’t started the harrowing yet.

I know I need a lot of bales to feed my horses over the winter. I know baling is expensive. I know the current drought will affect both my crop and the price of buying hay. There is very little I can do about this except prepare my land as best I can, and be prepared to let it go this year and buy bales instead.

I know I have lots of fencing that will be expensive. It doesn’t change the fact that it needs doing.

I know I have lots of machinery and rubbish that needs clearing up, including a field shelter in a hedge.

But they mean well. And in some cases they are actually helping me with stuff. So I can’t say anything.

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