Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out.

Daily Prompt

Hey, procrastination – beat it! I’m tired of you holding me back. It’s your fault that it takes me days to get round to jobs that need doing. That pile of ironing has been sitting there for a month! And what do you do when I think about doing it? Convince me that watching TV or playing games is a better use of my time.

If only you could be motivation instead. Maybe then I would clearly realise the benefits of doing the job when I see it needs doing, rather than putting it off until the last possible moment. And then I would get more done. Productive stuff I mean, rather than watching TV I’ve already seen or playing games that really aren’t important.

Source: Livin3

Imagine all the things I could achieve and all the free time I would have to do worthwhile stuff that I get some enjoyment out of, like riding my horses, or even just grooming them. I might even have Dad’s house cleared by now, and all my own stuff moved back in from my grandparents’ house.

So procrastination make way for motivation: no more excuses – it’s time for results!

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