There have been a number of high profile abuse/paedophilia cases recently, with probably the most high profile being the Jimmy Saville case; but also, because it’s my home, the North Wales care home abuse scandal.

However, none feel like they’ve affected me personally as much as the Ian Watkins case.

I don’t know if this is because of the quite harrowing circumstances, and the fact that other cases have glossed over the details; or simply because I was a big fan of the Lostprophets for their first couple of albums.

I remember buying their singles and albums, and how great it was that Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja got so much airplay while I was in the university gym. This was back in the day when people used to record radio onto cassette, and I recorded every interview or mention. They lost me as a fan as they became more ‘poppie’, but I still loved fakesoundofprogress, they made some epic hits like Last Train Home, and they had some great covers as their B sides.

As I think of those songs now, I am reminded of how much I enjoyed listening to them. Usually this feeling prompts me to put those albums on, but not on this occasion. I don’t think I can ever bring myself to listen to them again; and there are 5 guys in the band who’ve done nothing wrong.

In a dream I had a few nights ago, Ian Watkins was crying and remorseful. I gave him a hug and cried with him. Then I wake up and, not only am I reminded of the facts of the case, but new evidence comes to light that the police could’ve acted sooner than they did. And a day later, even more people are coming forward.

Not only am I shocked and appalled by what he has done, I am also appalled at myself for admiring him, and being fooled about the type of person he is. It makes me question everyone else I look up to; and regard them with some suspicion about what ‘perks’ they use their celebrity status for.

There is no question that he has pleaded guilty to heinous crimes, and if it really was all because of the drugs, then he’s a bloody good advert for not taking drugs. I’m sceptical though. I imagine the police are correct that he has used his celebrity status to his own ends, but to some extent, that has also given him more publicity as a paedophile.

Peaches Geldof was right to apologise: I don’t know what websites she has been reading, but I have not read the women’s names anywhere, and in some cases I have read that the women cannot be named.

But I don’t understand why the women involved are not to be named. They abused their own children, and willingly gave them to another person to abuse. It is well beyond my comprehension how anyone could do this, high or not. They are also paedophiles, but for some reason they are protected.

I have no intention of naming them when they are legally protected, but I would like to understand why they are protected.

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  1. The ‘mothers’ not been named as this would identify the children i.e. the victims who have been through enough in their short lives without having their names in public for eternity

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