I’m putting off loads of stuff, in my work and personal lives. Some of it just because it isn’t urgent, it would just be nice to do. I often have too many ideas and then overwhelm myself with possibilities and find myself unable to make a decision. But there are […]


168 hours in a week. 56 hours sleeping. 10 hours commuting. 43 hours in work. 14 hours walking dogs. 10 hours bathing, showering, doing hair, make up. 12 hours eating. 3 hours checking horses. Leaving 20 hours. I’ll admit, I thought I had more time left. But still, what do I do […]

I moved house recently and, as part of the move, I brought the diaries/journals I have been writing for 20 years. They’re currently taking up a fair bit of space in a drawer in the spare room, and I started to wonder why I was hanging on to them. They’re […]

How helpful is the past?

I have been OK since the last post below, but apparently I chose not to blog in that time! So now, once again, I’m down in the dumps. I’m getting the feeling it might partly be down to PMT. At least I hope it is. Although there are plenty of […]

Low, part 2

I’m feeling really down at the moment. Part of it comes from the bigger issues like the state of the world: climate change, greed, injustice, etc. I like to feel positive about these things: to hope that things will improve. But sometimes I get really down about it and wonder […]


Feeling a bit pathetic cuz my lecturer thought I should’ve done better in my last assignment. I know he’s right. But I’m crap at academic writing. I started off thinking about this particular assignment purely in terms of real world situations, then decided I didn’t have enough theory, and it […]

The despondent version of me is getting on my nerves. My week off and I’ve done so little. Doing so little in general. The “boo hoo I’ve got no one to go out with on a Friday night” shall make way for new thinking. I have work, Pony Club, horses, […]