Disaster Management

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I last did a post about resolutions. And FYI, the last lot didn’t go that well, apart from getting a Distinction in my Masters. So this year’s resolutions are: Clear the fields: I’m getting really fed up of all the mess taking […]

Resolutions 2016

… or maybe a little more, until I get to Newcastle to move into my new student house, in preparation for starting my masters degree on Monday. I’ve been quite calm and relaxed about this until now: the reality doesn’t usually set in until quite late with me. I packed […]

24 hours to go…

On my facebook news feed today, one of my friends has posted a message on their wall, essentially saying the UK government has pledged £60 million in aid to Pakistan, when we have soldiers with poor equipment; and that shouldn’t be the case. Checking comments left at the bottom of […]

Ministry of Defence budget & Pakistan floods

I finally got round to submitting my application to Northumbria University about 4 weeks ago. I got my reply last Friday: they have accepted my application and made me an unconditional offer. Which I have just now accepted. So I’m off to Newcastle in September. And before then I have […]


I went up to Newcastle on Wednesday this week to the PG open day at Northumbria University. Four and a half hours on the train! Only two changes though so it wasn’t that bad. Newcastle was cold and damp like most of the country. The city wasn’t as big as […]