I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I last did a post about resolutions. And FYI, the last lot didn’t go that well, apart from getting a Distinction in my Masters. So this year’s resolutions are: Clear the fields: I’m getting really fed up of all the mess taking […]

Resolutions 2016

Once again, the government proves itself to be untrustworthy. Cameron stated that he wanted this to be the greenest government ever (or something to that effect). But apparently all it takes is the Canadians pushing hard for tar sands oil to change all that. This article from Greenpeace shows that […]

Block tar sands oil, not the FQD

I won’t go into any great detail right now (mostly because I’ve only been hearing the headlines), but it would be a great disappointment if the ‘world leaders’ don’t reach a substantial agreement in Copenhagen this week. Developed nations seem content to continue as they are, despite all the warnings. […]

Copenhagen Climate Talks

A quick unfocussed rant about people in general and our relationship with our natural environment. I was once telling a friend about how I ran over a rabbit in my car. His response was “I know, they’re stupid aren’t they?” Like they didn’t get the memo that they shouldn’t cross […]