168 hours in a week. 56 hours sleeping. 10 hours commuting. 43 hours in work. 14 hours walking dogs. 10 hours bathing, showering, doing hair, make up. 12 hours eating. 3 hours checking horses. Leaving 20 hours. I’ll admit, I thought I had more time left. But still, what do I do […]

Obviously as a vegan and horse-lover I am completely against horses being slaughtered for food. But if they must be slaughtered, it can at least be done as humanely as possible. No animal should undergo abuse in their final journey. Please sign this petition to investigate incidents, bring in new […]

Horse Welfare Abuses at British Slaughterhouse

Rest in peace Old Man. Thanks for the memories. 18 years is a long time to be in each others lives, even if I haven’t spent much time with you for the latter half. But this isn’t about my guilt for not seeing enough of you or not looking after […]

Harbie (1978-2010)