John Pilger’s latest film, The War You Don’t See, was not all new to me. I’m currently reading a book about ‘churnalism’, so the idea of embedding journalists so they tell the ‘official’ story rather than the truth is not something new. It was interesting to hear the journalists and […]

The Most Important Film of 2010?

On my facebook news feed today, one of my friends has posted a message on their wall, essentially saying the UK government has pledged £60 million in aid to Pakistan, when we have soldiers with poor equipment; and that shouldn’t be the case. Checking comments left at the bottom of […]

Ministry of Defence budget & Pakistan floods

I won’t go into any great detail right now (mostly because I’ve only been hearing the headlines), but it would be a great disappointment if the ‘world leaders’ don’t reach a substantial agreement in Copenhagen this week. Developed nations seem content to continue as they are, despite all the warnings. […]

Copenhagen Climate Talks