My response to the BBC for the proposed axing of the fastest-growing, digital-only radio station. See their own news article here and blog post here. Excerpts from their articles are in blue, my comments are in pink. As a result of the changes Mr Thompson said he expected the plans […]

Save BBC 6 Music

I’ve had a band on my list of ‘ones to check out’ for some time. Finally got round to visiting their myspace page, and thought they deserved a mention. They are The King Blues – a mix of rock, reggae and punk. They’re doing some live dates very soon… […]

New Music

Thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of digging about this whole ‘straight edge’ thing, so I looked up a few websites. Turns out it’s not just about abstaining from vices. It’s about being a respectful and inspirational person, trying to have a positive impact on […]

Straight Edge sXe

Just a selection of bands I’ve newly discovered and their MySpace links: *TAT* – found these guys in September, a while before their album was released. Put it on my birthday wishlist, but had to wait til Christmas. All good though – awesome album. Shame they’re only playing one gig […]

New Favourite Bands

We had a fun morning of doing laundry and important stuff like checking email and looking around The Record Exchange. Bought a couple of albums to play on the long drives. We drove to Idaho City, where we had lunch in a friendly little diner on the roadside. Idaho City […]

Boise – Idaho City – Stanley

I’ve been reading a Sunday Mail supplement recently, called “How to Walk in High Heels”. It is apparently ‘101 things every girl needs to know’. Jade Jagger’s piece is “How to compile your own playlist”. It’s basically a load of nonsense where she takes a whole page to say one […]