Apparently I haven’t already blogged about this, which surprises me. I watched the Amal Fashanu documentary about her uncle, Justin Fashanu, who was the first footballer to come out, and later committed suicide. It surprises me that I don’t remember it because I really liked football in the late 90s. […]

Homosexuality in Sport

We’ve come a long way baby. But there’s still a lot to be done. Every minute, a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth, and another 20-30 suffer serious injury or disability. Unmarried women in Saudi Arabia must remain under male guardianship. Around 10% of women in the Democratic Republic of […]

Happy International Women’s Day!

Just been reading an article from Jessica Valenti in Newsweek and had to post this. Quote from the article: In much the same way Obama-supporting feminists were criticized, women who didn’t back Palin were swiftly denounced as hypocrites by those on the right. Rick Santorum called Palin the “Clarence Thomas […]

Sarah Palin is apparently Feminist

I’ve really been getting on a feminist trip recently, reading many, many articles written on feminist blogs, such as The F Word, Geek Feminist, etc. One subject that comes up time and time again is rape, and more specifically the culture of victim-blaming. While reading all these articles, I found […]

Rape and Victim Blaming

It wasn’t my choice: I was forced to watch. So essentially she gets a bunch of not-skinny girls with slight imperfections, dolls them up with fancy hair and make-up and in nice clothes, and sends them off to photo shoots. They then compete against professional models for contracts. My first […]

Coleen’s Real Women