Just been reading an article from Jessica Valenti in Newsweek and had to post this. Quote from the article: In much the same way Obama-supporting feminists were criticized, women who didn’t back Palin were swiftly denounced as hypocrites by those on the right. Rick Santorum called Palin the “Clarence Thomas […]

Sarah Palin is apparently Feminist

Ironic really, since reality TV shows are rarely set in a real life situation, and talent shows revel in showing untalented acts. I’ve always had an issue with these shows, but it’s all come to a head this week. Not onyl because of what happened to Susan Boyle, but also […]

Reality TV and Talent Shows

It wasn’t my choice: I was forced to watch. So essentially she gets a bunch of not-skinny girls with slight imperfections, dolls them up with fancy hair and make-up and in nice clothes, and sends them off to photo shoots. They then compete against professional models for contracts. My first […]

Coleen’s Real Women

I am of course talking about the dreamy fraise blond from Green Wing. It’s very difficult to watch my DVDs without sighing like some lovesick romantic sap in a film. Those beautiful eyes. Gorgeous smile. Hair to run fingers through. Fabulous sense of humour. Witty and pretty. God damn fictional […]

Dr Macartney…Hmmm…