Just a quick post about an article/review in the Big Issue I bought today. It started off about Gillian McKeith reaffirming the stereotype, but then goes on to review a vegan restaurant (link broken) in Whole Foods Market, Kensington. The writer was not vegan and admitted that she was not sold […]

Veganism inspiring creativity

What should’ve been a very enjoyable weekend at home, celebrating Pop’s 80th and seeing my friends for the first time in 2 months, was somewhat ruined. I’m getting just a little hacked off with two things in particular. First of all, that people think that because I’m vegan I’m somehow […]


Just a quick word about my 2010 resolutions. To recap: Straight edge Welsh More money to charity More time with friends Blog more Become vegan Reduce emissions Exercise more Become an activist (Apparently I’m not that bothered about boys anymore?) So the first 4 are still going well. I’m doing […]

Resolutions 2010 – so far…