Take your hatred out on me, Make your victim my head 3

I feel like I’ve become a sponge for negativity. Whatever I do, I upset someone, and they unload that onto me. I can only listen to what they say. I can’t defend my position because I’m not 100% sure about my decisions, whichever option I go with.

So I spend all my time fretting about it, and not wanting to answer the phone or check emails, because no doubt there is more negativity.

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There are still positive comments and people saying thank you. But somehow these are always drowned out by the negative. I guess those with the issues are those who shout loudest.

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3 thoughts on “Take your hatred out on me, Make your victim my head

  • Anonymous

    As some dodgy politician (if you can imagine such a thing) once said: Don’t let the ba****ds grind you down. Keep happy.

  • Anonymous

    Some of us just attract this, its because we have an empathy with the world. You listen, you care, you absorb – what becomes water of a ducks back to many can actually become a drain on people like you – and me! Still better to be sensitive and an emotional sponge than a don’t give a —- kind of person! Stop the world and get off to put it in perspective. N