Now that I’m unemployed again, I have found time to read and watch stuff that interests me. I think it really started with Freddie Gray. I wasn’t sleeping well during the protests, so I’d wake up around 4am and read Twitter updates and articles they linked to. I learnt a lot […]


OK, OK, so I’m late to the party. But what a freaking awesome show! Seasons 1-5 leave Amazon Prime in 14 days. I started watching when there was 21 days left. I’m already on Season 5, and I’ve had to force myself to stop watching several times! I’m so glad I decided […]

Community: the TV Show

My most recent job ended on 31 March, as funding for our project came to an end. I had applied for a couple of jobs before finishing, and got two interviews. I was only able to attend one, and that went pretty badly, partly down to my lack of preparation. […]

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself

I moved house recently and, as part of the move, I brought the diaries/journals I have been writing for 20 years. They’re currently taking up a fair bit of space in a drawer in the spare room, and I started to wonder why I was hanging on to them. They’re […]

How helpful is the past?

It’s been a hard morning. I had a message which set me off in a bad mood and on a bit of a rant about Dad and the mess he left me with. Because why be angry with situations that can actually be changed, when you can be angry with […]


I’m not a parent and have absolutely no intention to be, so I know I can’t really judge other people on their parenting skills. But I worry about my brother’s relationship with my nephew. James provides everything Marcus needs: shelter, food, clothes, school, glasses; some things we wants: books, toys, […]


Me, Dad (d. 4 Dec 2012), and Catrin (d. 19 Feb 2012) I started writing this post almost 3 years ago, and for reasons now unknown to me, I never finished writing it. On 20 February (2012) I received a text from one of my best friends telling me that […]

Catrin Pickles: 26 May 1991-19 February 2012

A couple of years ago I had a Tumblr page/profile and quite liked it. For a while I thought it might take over from blogging as it seemed a nice cross between blogging and Twitter. Today I decided to rejoin the Tumblr community. For about 4 hours, before deleting my […]


I feel like I’ve become a sponge for negativity. Whatever I do, I upset someone, and they unload that onto me. I can only listen to what they say. I can’t defend my position because I’m not 100% sure about my decisions, whichever option I go with. So I spend […]

Take your hatred out on me, Make your victim my head

So if I give up mounted games training, what will I do? It is only fair to say that games is not the only reason I’m miserable at the moment. My job is not a career and is not something I want to be doing for too long: I need […]

The End of Me & Mounted Games?

Thursday night is TV night. The Good Wife, Nashville, Southland. I know Southland finished ages ago, but I’m behind. And going to be gutted when it comes to an end. I love The Good Wife. It’s really well written with great story lines, it’s funny, serious, thought-provoking, and I love […]

3 Programmes to Watch on Thursday Nights

Write about your first name: are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself? Daily Prompt Francesca. I was in the hospital for 3 days with no name. Meanwhile my father was out and […]

Say Your Name

I used to think of myself as being quite a patient person, and able to work well under pressure, and keep my head. As I’ve grown older, this has definitely changed: work and travel has made me more confident and assertive, so I’m less inclined to put up with bullshit, […]

Inspirational People

There have been a number of high profile abuse/paedophilia cases recently, with probably the most high profile being the Jimmy Saville case; but also, because it’s my home, the North Wales care home abuse scandal. However, none feel like they’ve affected me personally as much as the Ian Watkins case. […]

Ian Watkins Trial

I cannot believe I haven’t posted about Masters in France before! They’re awesome – just watch their videos on YouTube, and add them on Twitter and Facebook. You won’t be sorry. And here’s their latest single Flexin’… Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Masters in France