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Round the World 2007 USA


I had breakfast in Picnic, the place up the street, again. Finally got going around 10.30am, and took the subway to South Ferry, where I queued in Castle Clinton for my ticket for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

You have to queue for the ticket, then go through security, then get on the ferry. It looks like a long process, but I was there just after 11am and still got on the 11.30am ferry.

All tickets for going into the statue were sold out, so I could only go onto the island. You still get to stand under her to get photos though. She’s smaller than I imagined. And I found it hard to believe that the island was 12 acres.

I got the ferry to Ellis Island after that. The building is very grand, especially the main hall where all the immigrants used to get processed. There were lots of people looking up ancestors! I don’t know how Will Smith got the place empty for his date with Eva Mendes in Hitch. But then, I suppose they started at 7am.

I was back on the mainland by 3pm, went back to the hostel and then went to an internet cafe on Bleeker Street, where I spent three hours uploading videos and photos. I got the subway back to my area, then got a “slice” for dinner, before heading back to the hostel, and showering and packing.

Round the World 2007 USA


I decided yesterday that Bryant Park looked like a pleasant spot for breakfast. The choice was better in Starbucks though, so I bought from there and sat at one of the tables in the park. A guy from Comoros who was a diplomat but is now an economist on Wall Street got chatting to me. We had a very pleasant chat, but he was a little hard to understand when he got going!

I got all the necessary photos: Chrysler Building, Public Library, Grand Central Station, Empire State Building, Bryant Park Hotel. I noticed lots of interesting architecture and features on the buildings: just a shame they’re high up and no-one really notices!

I saw Macy’s and then got the subway to Bleeker Street, and walked towards Chelsea. Then I got the subway to Aston Place, went to Barnes & Noble bookstore, got a coffee, and then walked along St Marks Place. This is apparently where you come for tattoos, body piercing, and alternative souvenir t-shirts.

I got the subway up to the east side of Central Park, and went for a wander. I saw Bethesda Fountain and The Mall, and then sat on the lawn reading. Carrie in Sex and the City apparently lives at 245 East 73rd Street. I knew this was a fictional address and nothing was filmed there, but figured I’d go for a look since I was in the area. There is a sports bar where 245 should be, and the street doesn’t even resemble her’s.

I walked back through the park, and stumbled across a film set, with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. I came out on the west side of the park at 86th street, walked north to 94th, and turned west along it. This street looked much more like Carrie’s. I kept walking until I reached Broadway, then walked north to my street, 101st. Tired legs.

The districts are much more exciting than the tourist attractions and downtown. It’s all very well seeing the Chrysler Building and the like, but it’s just so busy, and frankly, most people are rude.