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In answer to the comment left on my previous post, I’m no longer interested in the guy from two years ago, so don’t want anything to happen with him.

And this weekend was a bit shit. The new guy at one point asked me to put in a good word for him with one of my best friends. I think he was joking cuz he seemed to try to apologise. Crap attempt at a joke though. Then later, I was having a relatively early night as I wasn’t feeling well. And I was walking home about 30 yards behind him and his ex.

I’m hurt, but I think I saw it coming and just tried to ignore it. I wanted him to be interested, so I twisted my perception of situations. So all the messages I saved from him have been deleted, and I’ve deleted his number. One of my new year’s resolutions can be leaving him in the past.

In slightly better news, the guy from three years ago is still telling me he “loves me to bits”. Shame he’s drunk when he says it.