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Vegan Feast at Brookhouse Mill

The week after my Dad died I went to Brookhouse Mill for a drink with my family before my brother returned home to Spain. Once there we decided to have some food, but ordinarily I would book in advance so they would be prepared to make something vegan for me. When I don’t book, I usually get something like jacket potato wedges or anything I can adapt easily.

On this particular night I said I was happy doing that unless the chef wanted to make me something. He said he would, and I was presented with this:

I had peppers stuffed with couscous and topped with courgette, Cajun potato wedges, deep-fried polenta, homemade hummus,  sauteed mushrooms and walnuts, and poppadom crisps (not pictured). It was delicious and I felt so guilty that I couldn’t finish it.

I would highly recommend Brookhouse Mill (facebook and twitter) for any food, and also if you’re looking for a really good vegan meal. If you book in advance they can come up with something really amazing. The head chef Aaron used to be vegetarian so creates really special meals, and the other chefs are all excellent, including Nigel who made this feast.

Disclaimer: I worked at Brookhouse Mill for 8 years.


Vegan Pancakes

A day late but I couldn’t use being vegan as an excuse not to have pancakes! I used the recipe from the Eighth Day website. When I get it right they work out really yummy.

I had them with strawberry jam and raspberry and passion fruit yoghurt. I meant to do a batch of savoury pancakes as well, but only remembered after I put the sugar in the mixing bowl. So 11 sweet pancakes instead!

I reckon the recipe could be easily adapted to make scotch pancakes by using self-raising flour or adding baking powder.

I also made vegan Danish pastries the other day which were quite yummy. I’ll post a photo of the next batch, which will hopefully be a bit more successful than the first!