kansai university

Today the Gaijins almost brought Japan to a standstill. Well, a Brazilian one in particular. Andrea held up the shuttle bus from the hotel by 5 minutes, then the train to Kyoto was late, and much later, Komal and Bernard’s meeting ran over. Coincidence? I think not! Late trains in […]

“The worst that can happen is we end up on the other side of the ...

And so the inevitable suffering after the night before. Chris was pretty certain he was still drunk at breakfast. I felt OK then, but got worse as the day went on. We took the shuttle to the station and got a train to Nagata, Kobe. We started our day at […]

Kobe and Awaji, or Fish Potato

Official start of the conference today. Started with a 6am phone call from Komal telling me to be at breakfast at 7.30am. Which we had already been told the night before… We took the shuttle bus from the hotel to the station and walked in what was probably not the […]

International Study Tour Day 1, or Auto Face Focus

The not so great view from my hotel room We arrived in Kansai Airport 10am but had to hang around until 11.30am because Neill’s plane was delayed (Neill is Assistant Chief of Northumberland Fire & Rescue). Once he arrived we took the train to Takatsuki Kyoto Hotel, which took about […]

Arriving in Japan, or Fish Paper

So off to Cardiff to get my flight to Japan. I think Komal assumed Cardiff would be my nearest airport because it is in Wales like me. I don’t think I’ll bother telling him that Liverpool, Manchester, East Midlands, Leeds and Birmingham are all closer; and Cardiff is only slightly […]

Leaving for Japan