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Horse Drive and Rockies 2008 USA

Moscow to Post Falls

After having breakfast and checking out, I checked emails and then we found a nice coffee shop. We drove over to the Appaloosa Museum before leaving town. It was really interesting, with stuff about the horse breed and also the Native Americans.

We drove on to Coeur d’Alene, getting lunch in Tito Macaroni’s and having a quick walk around town and along the floating boardwalk.

Dad spoke to Iona last night and arranged for us to stay with her for a couple of days. So after a coffee, we drove to her house in Post Falls.

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I’m trying so hard to stay calm and not get angry. But he can’t read maps. He mumbles so that even I can’t understand him. He snores and keeps me awake. He leaves the door open when he goes to the loo. He farts lots. And he won’t make any decisions. I have to decide where we eat and when, where we stay, when we stop. Everything! It really is like travelling with a child, while he slopes along behind me. If I wanted to travel with a child, I would’ve stolen Marcus!
Horse Drive and Rockies 2008 USA

Cottonwood – Grangeville – Lapwai – Nez Perce – Moscow

We had breakfast at the motel restaurant – far too many pancakes.

We drove back to Grangeville and looked around Ray Holes Saddlery. On our way back we stopped at Dog Bark Park, and ended up chatting to Dennis and Frances for about 3 hours!

We drove to Lapwai, stopping at Moccasin Flats Trading Post. Then the Nez Perce Historical Centre in Spalding a little further along. There was some amazingly intricate beadwork on display.

We carried on going to Moscow, and we stayed at Hillcrest motel, and found a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

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