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New Zealand Round the World 2007

Bloody Thieving Bastards, Get a Job, Earn Your Own Money Instead of Stealing!!!!!!!!

Today didn’t start as early as I’d planned, due to me being lazy. But then finding out I’d been robbed made it even later. Over $150 was taken from my purse, in my bag, in my room; while I was in the bathroom. The CCTV is in the hallway, and too many people were coming and going to have a suspect. The police station is across the road, so I went over and filed a police report, but don’t know if my insurance covers cash (later found out it doens’t).

So after withdrawing more cash I got a coffee and muffin in Starbucks, while I tried to put some perspective on it. I’ve still got my camera, Zen, phone, credit cards and passport. All the really important stuff. I feel kinda pathetic for crying about this, but it’s still my hard-earned money. And it’s still some dickhead profiting from my lax security/trust in people. And to take the coins too. How petty?! But I’m glad they did, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed so soon. It’s just not a nice thing to happen anyway, and even worse when you realise the night before how little moeny you’ve got. I want to be angry about it, really angry. But instead I’m upset, and that’s annoying me.

Decided to carry on my day, and try to get some sightseeing done, albeit a few hours late. I got a bus over to Mt Eden around 1pm and walked to the top. They really are great views from up there. There is a 50metre volcanic cone right next to the summit, and some guy was running straight up it. Collapsed, out of breath near the top though! My camera batteries died while I was trying to get panoramas, so I may have to go back.

I bought some disposable batteries and waited for the bus back into town. Plenty were going out of town, but they all seemed to get lost on their way back. I waited for about forty minutes. Decided I didn’t have enough time to get over to the aquarium, so I took the ferry over to Devonport instead, to walk up Mt Victoria.

There were good views from up there too, hence why it used to be a fort. On my way back down, I got an early supper in one of the many cafes. Devonport is another pleasant suburb, but doesn’t look like there’s much to do except browse through a few shops and stop at the street cafes.

I got the ferry back to the city, then walked to the hostel. Found out a guy in my dorm had his iPod stolen a few days ago. I’m going to speak to him to see if he told the staff and filed a police report – maybe the same person as stole my money?

After that I sat on the roof terrace, writing my diary and chatting to some girl. Then back to the internet, to copy photos to a CD and update the blog.