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Horse Welfare Abuses at British Slaughterhouse

Obviously as a vegan and horse-lover I am completely against horses being slaughtered for food. But if they must be slaughtered, it can at least be done as humanely as possible. No animal should undergo abuse in their final journey.

Please sign this petition to investigate incidents, bring in new procedures, and install CCTV in abattoirs.

You can also read more about it at World Horse Welfare.

Activism Justice

Petition Against Forced Bullfighting

The Portuguese town of Viano do Castelo passed a ban on bullfighting in 2009. But this month, a local administrative court overruled their ordinance, set up a temporary bullring, and staged a fight.

Bullfighting is a cruel sport that kills and injures all animals involved. Viano do Castelo had every right to ban it in the town limits. A court should not overrule the city’s law.

Sign the petition condemning the court’s action.

Activism Justice

Stop Gambia’s Execution Spree

After 27 years of not using the death penalty, President Yahya Jammeh has decided to bring it back to ‘rid the country of all criminals’.

9 executions took place on 23rd August, without warning, time for appealing or even time to say goodbye.The remaining 38 inmates on death row are expected to be executed by mid-September.

Political dissent is being disguised as treason, which is a capital offence. The President has also threatened to behead all homosexuals.

Sign Amnesty’s petition calling for a retraction and restoring the unofficial moratorium of the death penalty.

Activism Environment

Greenpeace Arctic Oil Drilling Petition

Cairn didn’t want you to see their Arctic oil spill response plan. They essentially admit that a spill in the Arctic would be catastrophic, and near impossible to clean up.The fact that this report is now public puts pressure on Cairn and other oil companies to get out of the Arctic, as it makes it absolutely clear that their drilling operations are breathtakingly irresponsible.

Please sign the petition asking Greenland’s Prime Minister to protect the Arctic.

Activism Environment Justice

Avaaz Climate Petition

Right now, a major climate fight is blowing up in Australia — the government is about to pass a law that would cut carbon emissions and get polluters to pay. But big businesses are trying to kill the bill.

This carbon pricing law is a win-win measure — it will push dirty businesses towards clean production and generate more resources for working families. If it passes, it will spur other major emitters to follow suit and could be the next best hope for our climate.

Sign the urgent petition to back this bold initiative

The measure would make polluting companies pay, encouraging them to become more efficient while funding technologies of the future and increasing support to the most needy.

Countries like Denmark, Sweden and Costa Rica have already introduced carbon-pricing, spurring innovation and reducing pollution. If we now embolden Australia — the worst rich country per person carbon polluter — to follow their lead, it will generate momentum for other major emitters such as China and the US to follow suit, boosting our chances of a global climate deal next year.


Avaaz Media Petition

Murdoch’s power over our politicians rested on his control over what UK citizens read and watched. A 20% limit on media ownership would cut Murdoch’s stranglehold on our politics. But MPs won’t go that far unless they are forced to by using a new direct democracy initiative to do so.

Let’s ensure that moguls like Murdoch can never again control our media and our politics by demanding that all parties pledge to ensure nobody owns more than a fifth of our media.

The petition needs to reach 100,000 signatures – currently at 22,000.