I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I last did a post about resolutions. And FYI, the last lot didn’t go that well, apart from getting a Distinction in my Masters. So this year’s resolutions are: Clear the fields: I’m getting really fed up of all the mess taking […]

Resolutions 2016

Just a quick word about my 2010 resolutions. To recap: Straight edge Welsh More money to charity More time with friends Blog more Become vegan Reduce emissions Exercise more Become an activist (Apparently I’m not that bothered about boys anymore?) So the first 4 are still going well. I’m doing […]

Resolutions 2010 – so far…

That time of year to think about resolutions again (and Christmas obviously). But first I will look back at the 2009 ones. 1. Straight edge – the no drinking has gone really well. It has become easier as the year has gone on, and I can’t see any reason to […]

Resolutions 2010

Over half way through 2009 now, so I thought I’d check out how my resolutions are going… 1. Become a straight-edge punk – no drink, no drugs, no smoking, no casual sex. Three out of four ain’t bad. 2. Leave the old boys in the past. Not going as well […]

Resolutions recap