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Horse Drive and Rockies 2008 USA

Jackson to Salt Lake City

Had a delicious breakfast in The Bunnery. We then wandered around Jackson trying to find places that were real Western shops instead of tourist places. Gave up after much browsing through tat, and went to the Corralwear outlet store instead.

It was a long drive back to Salt Lake City, starting at 2pm. We stopped for a drink in Montpelier, which was a hole. There were loads of long stretches before then and fast driving. Once we reached Bear Lake and turned for Logan, it got twisty and windy. It was very pretty but rather slow going.

After Logan we got onto the I-15, full of stupid drivers and with a crap road surface once we got near Salt Lake City.

We reached a motel around 8pm, and packed and re-packed to fit everything in.

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