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Guatemala Honduras and Guatemala 2005

Bike Ride

Washing pila

Me and Sally went on our bike ride today. We were taken through the southern part of Antigua, went by a couple of churches, then left the city and went through a few of the outlying towns (similar to Santa Maria). We stopped at Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm (don’t ask what vikings have to do with Guatemala!) where we got a bit of a tour, pancakes with macadamia nut butter, and a facial with macadamia nut cream. My skin feels all soft and smooth now! We then cycled back along the highway to Antigua. It was a really nice ride and not too much work thankfully, but I’m quite badly sunburnt! (only down my left side though, strangely).

Haven’t really done much this afternoon. Had a coffee and chatted to Sally for ages after our bike ride, been round a few shops, that’s about it. I’m leaving at 8.30am tomorrow – somebody called Marvin is driving a few of us to Copan, and it’ll take about 6 hours. So I’m just getting ready for that really.

So yeah, not a very big entry today. Sorry!