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Zip World Velocity 2

Last year, while my brother and his family were visiting, we went on Velocity 2, the fastest zip line in the world. It is based at Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Gwynedd, and is the longest zip line in Europe (1555 metres – I’m not sure if this is the total, including the little zip too). Depending on how much you weigh, you could reach 100mph as you fly down the wire.

I would definitely recommend the experience: it is exhilarating and an adrenaline rush. There is a smaller zip to get you started, then you get in the red truck to go up to the start of the big zip. The views from the top are fantastic: the North Wales coastline and Snowdonia mountains; then you fly over the beautiful blue Penrhyn Quarry lake.

You ‘zip’ lying on your front, with all limbs tucked in and if necessary, you’re also given a sail to slow you down. Velocity used to be for one person at a time, but now 4 people can zip alongside each other, and it’s a bit like a production line.

You cannot take your own camera – they provide REVL head cams – but don’t have to pay up front (like I did). They attach them to everyone at the top and you can decide at the end if you want the video and stills. The video is great quality but I would’ve preferred a video from my point of view rather than my reaction. I think it’s a real shame they don’t have cameras that can provide that option.

Travel Wales

Zip World Titan

Back in 2017 my family and I went on Europe’s first 4-person zip lining experience. I took my head cam and put together a video of it, which was very long and not very exciting. I have now shortened the video to mostly just keep the zip lining and not the in-between bits.

Zip World Titan: the first 4-person zip line in Europe

Zip World Titan is part of Zip World Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales. Because you ride in a sitting position, you can look at the views all around you, of the Snowdonia mountains and the slate mines.

You can reach a maximum speed of 70mph, but this depends on weather conditions and your weight. Mum and I were nowhere near that speed! You can also increase your speed by tucking your knees up and leaning backwards.

We have also been on Velocity 2 – Titan’s big brother – in Penrhyn Quarry. This used to be a single zip but is now also a 4-person zip. This is the fastest zip line in the world, with speeds up to 100mph.

Unfortunately you can no longer take your own cameras on either of these zips: instead you can use their REVL camera and get a video and stills of your reaction, rather than the views. I’d recommend the experience and the picture quality is great, but I’m disappointed with my Velocity 2 video, which is basically my face, with a bit of the quarry and lake around the edges.

I’m never sure if it’s Zip World or ZipWorld, but either way, at the Slate Caverns you can also do a zip-lining course in the caverns and Bounce Below, which is trampolining inside the caverns. There is also a nice cafe on site. And if you’re interested in the slate mines, there are Slate Mountain tours where you can learn more about it and go into the Deep Mine.