Packed, finally. But something is wrong: everything fits in first time! Clearly there’s something imperative I’ve forgotten. Mum wasn’t impressed with my choice of books for the journey, so she gave me The Da Vinci Code. Got my St Christopher pendant and Turkish eye to protect me too.

Journey to Wokingham was pretty uneventful. Found the services in Birmingham interesting: automatic flush, automatic taps, but push-button dryers. Go figure. Got to Robert and Gillian’s house around 6pm, although Robert wasn’t there. Also met their daughters, Lucy and Rachel. Gillian made a yummy veggie lasagne for supper and I had a bottle of red wine while Mum and Gillian polished off a couple of bottles of white.

Went to bed around 10.30pm cuz of the early start to Heathrow.

Fun day, as I’m sure you can tell.


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