I woke up around 8am, and took my time getting ready since I haven’t got anything to do today. Showered – hurray! Got a really nice breakfast, which I ate outside in the hotel garden. I was sat in the sun for all of 15mins and got sunburn! But cuz of the angle I was sat at, it’s only on one shoulder. Look a bit like a Rhubarb & Custard sweet.

Dom came to see me to say that basically, I could do what I wanted today, and there was a get together for the volunteers that night, and someone would be along to fetch me. Spent the day reading Da Vinci and went into Antigua about 4pm. Got a latte and a huge slice of apple pie in a cafe, for about 2.50. Luckily, people here can speak enough English to understand me and say stuff to me, and I can sometimes understand what they’re saying in Spanish!

Antigua is built in blocks, surrounding a central plaza. Its fairly easy to find your way, but all the streets look very similar, so it can be a bit daunting. All the streets are cobbled: not the place to live if you like the suspension on your car. It also has a very strange traffic system: everyone here seems to know where they’re going, but I have no idea how.

Outside of my window in the hotel, there’s a huge Volcano (Volcan Agua). I could see it first thing this morning, but it clouded over before I got a chance to take a photo.

Some of the other volunteers arrived around 7.30pm to go to Dom’s house, where I met the rest of them. Doreen showed us the news which was broadcasting a road and a bridge we needed to travel along to get to Honduras. The road is totally flooded: it’s in the valleys, so all the runoff from the mountains is heading down it towards the sea. The bridge has a section that needs repairing before anyone can cross. There’s about 10 yards missing. They reckon they’ll have it fixed in 5 days.

Still a bit out of sync: I was getting tired by 9pm.

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