It was my last day in the luxury of the hotel today, so I made the most of the hot shower and chilling out. Dom and Doreen came to get me at 10am and took me to my homestay, where I’ll be until next Sunday. It’s with the same family as Rufus (another volunteer), and they own a printing shop in Antigua, so the place always smells of ink! I think there’s three daughters, two sons and a granddaughter, but I might be wrong – lots of people coming and going!

Haven’t really done anything today. Feeling very disorientated: not many people speak much English and I don’t speak Spanish! No-one in the family I’m living with speak much English so today was pretty difficult.

Went to watch Guatemala vs. Mexico World Cup qualifier in a bar in town with some of the other volunteers. Deafening screams when Guatemala scored their second and Mexico had 3, but Mexico eventually won 5-2.

Still out of sync.

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