Puppies being born meant people in the house being up late, which meant I didn’t sleep well. Woke up cuz I could hear voices and thought I was late for breakfast. It was 2.30am. I couldn’t get to sleep for ages, then woke up at 7am, entangled in my bedsheets. That left me with 45mins to shower, change, have breakfast and walk 10 minutes to the coffee shop to meet Dom before school.

So Spanish School is kinda weird. Basically, it’s one-on-one teaching from 8am to 12 noon, and there’s lots of desks dotted around the rooms and courtyard of the school. There seems to be a syllabus but no set method, so everyone learns different things on different days. And I’m fairly certain my teacher knows as much English as I do Spanish. Not much help when you’re trying to say that you don’t understand what she’s asking you to do! Not enough structure for my liking!

Went home and had lunch, then tried to practice what I’d learned. I’m having to teach myself from my Spanish textbook (from home, not given them here!) and dictionary. I went to The Bagel Barn to get out of the house and practice more, and had the biggest latte ever (and a bagel of course). Replied to emails and chatted to Maz and Fred on MSN.

School must be doing something for me cuz I understood most of what my host mother was saying after supper. With a lot of miming!

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