Downside of not going to sleep til ‘late’ is being tired in the morning.

Learnt lots and lots of verbs today. I know how to say almost anything in the present tense. Difficult to put into conversation though since most people want to know what you have done or what you’re going to do. Although there is a way of using the present tense to say you’re going to do something in the future – I just need to look it up!

The bus station is right next to the market in Antigua so I walked over with Keegan and Sally (who where catching a bus to their projects in Santa Maria) and had a quick look around before lunch. I planned to go back later after I’d changed some traveller’s cheques, but I didn’t have time cuz I was doing my homework. And all the banks were closed by the time I went out.

Guatemala were playing Costa Rica in the World Cup qualifiers tonight. They won but Mexico and USA have qualified, so the Guatemalans didn’t stay happy for long!

Learnt how to say ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ in Spanish today, so stay tuned for ‘lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo’ of Antigua.

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