Last day of Spanish School! Huzzah! Might request a teacher who knows a lot of English in Honduras! I was learning yet more verbs today. And still don’t know past or future tense!

I went on my first chicken bus ride today. These buses don’t have timetables: they leave when they’re full to bursting. Imagine my disappointment when the driver left when it was only half full! I was really looking forward to being squashed up against the locals! We went up to Santa Maria de Jesus, which is a community on the slopes of Volcan Agua were the volunteers go.

It’s a strange place, but probably just like everywhere else here. You go up the volcano and all you see from the road is breeze-block buildings on the hills, and lots of rubbish (I’m sure you can imagine what it smells like). Most of the roads were paved and there were some convenience stores along the bigger roads. All the houses are small: 2-3 rooms per family. The infant school consisted of a room with a small sheltered area of dirt outside. They had a couple of toilets and a sink too, but it wasn’t much at all. But then when we were leaving, we walked up to the ‘centre’ to catch a bus, and there was all sorts: more shops, a police station, civil offices: not what I was expecting!

So Friday is sports day in the schools, which means football. We walked from the infant school to the junior school, and then everyone walked out of the town and down the hill a bit to the football field: a fair-sized patch of grass on a slope, near crops and a donkey tied to a small post. We had proper goals which surprised me, but no-one seemed to care where the edge of the pitch was. Basically, if the ball went into the nettles or went shooting past the goal, then it was out. Guatemalans play really frantic football. Everyone follows the ball wherever it goes – no defenders or strikers. Only the goalie stayed where he was. I think there was about 40 of us on the pitch. Maybe a little less. My team won 6-3 which was good news cuz the teacher Santiago was on the other team, and he’s really competitive (and a Spurs supporter!). Me, Keegan and Robyn didn’t really want to tackle the kids, but we had no problem going after him! He was really good tho, and so were a lot of the older kids.

My lower back is really killing now. I don’t think I’ve played football since me, Maz, Danny, Cameron and everyone else used to play in Twm or Nant! And I probably haven’t run much since then either.

We all went to Dom and Doreen’s for a barbeque in the evening. It was more fun than last week’s cuz at least I knew everyone this week. It’s Grace and Robyn’s last day, so they got a present each, and Dom and Michael each said how much their work was appreciated.

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