Washing pila

Me and Sally went on our bike ride today. We were taken through the southern part of Antigua, went by a couple of churches, then left the city and went through a few of the outlying towns (similar to Santa Maria). We stopped at Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm (don’t ask what vikings have to do with Guatemala!) where we got a bit of a tour, pancakes with macadamia nut butter, and a facial with macadamia nut cream. My skin feels all soft and smooth now! We then cycled back along the highway to Antigua. It was a really nice ride and not too much work thankfully, but I’m quite badly sunburnt! (only down my left side though, strangely).

Haven’t really done much this afternoon. Had a coffee and chatted to Sally for ages after our bike ride, been round a few shops, that’s about it. I’m leaving at 8.30am tomorrow – somebody called Marvin is driving a few of us to Copan, and it’ll take about 6 hours. So I’m just getting ready for that really.

So yeah, not a very big entry today. Sorry!


  1. Hi Fran – Do you read these comments? Most of them seem to be from saddos that want to talk about their poxy websites – I assume they are automated, unless they really are so sad that they sit there, do searches and then type in their daft rubbish. Aside from that, you sound like you are ok, Spanish lessons aside. Didn’t know you could ride a bike though. Did you have stabilisers on?

  2. Funnily enough I’ve never seen Brian ride a bike so maybe he uses stabilisers too.
    Curious about the nuts though because you don’t even like them!

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