I met Robin, Rachel and Grace (who are only here for the day) outside Guacamaya (our Spanish school, owned by Kike) to go to the Ruins. Our guide, Maurizio, a friend of Kike’s, also met us there and we all walked down the road to the ruins.

They were pretty cool. They’re all close together because it’s basically the ancient Mayan city centre: where all the government stuff is and where the rich live. They built new temples and buildings every 52 years to coincide with some lunar-solar calendar concerning new beginnings. They literally covered the temples with soil, and built new ones. As you walk around, you see lots of little hills, and there’s likely to be another temple underneath it that just hasn’t been uncovered yet. I took quite a few photos but I’ve left my camera in my room so I’ll try uploading them another time.

So new Spanish school today. Karla is my new teacher and she’s really nice, and knows more English than my last one! Karla, Robin, Edgar (Robin’s teacher) and I went for a coffee together to Café Welchez in our break, and they took us down to Camino Maya Hotel to show us the swimming pool.

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