I’m going to Agua Caliente (natural hot springs up in the mountains) today with people from the school, so no swimming this morning. And half an hour less Spanish cuz we have to leave at 5pm. Spent the morning feeling very lonely and fed up. I feel so pathetic cuz this was the challenge I set for myself, and all I can think about is how many days I’ve got left. And I feel like a failure cuz I just can’t seem to do this. 13 days gone, 44 days left.

I went to Café Welchez for a couple of hours to do my homework. Karla wanted me to write my daily diary, and also tell her about a book or a film I liked. So I decided to be a teacher’s pet and wrote about a book and a film: Fantastic Mr Fox (El Señor Zorro Fantastico in Spanish) and Madagascar. Took me ages to look everything up in my dictionary!

However, I misunderstood what Karla wanted: I had to talk about them, not read them. So we sat there for ages, while I tried to remember all these new words I’d written, and attempted to tell her about them! Got there eventually though, and then moved onto direct and indirect pronouns, which frazzled my brain even more!

After our break in – yes you guessed it – Café Welchez, we played cards cuz Karla decided I’d worked very hard today. A gecko also dropped in on us and sat on the back of a spare chair for a while, which Karla didn’t like too much!

Agua Caliente was nice: just like two really big baths. It was too dark for us to walk up to the natural springs when we got there, so we just lounged around in the pools for about an hour. The journey there and back was interesting: takes about an hour along what is basically a dirt track, which is incredibly steep and narrow in a few places: we ‘bottomed out’ at one point. We all went straight home when we got back, and I was kinda tired so went almost straight to bed.

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  1. You’re not a failure!! How many people do you know who would take themselves off to the othger side of the world, where they speak a foreign language and experience lots of poverty and problems. Also, how many people do you know that would pay a lot of money to go and do that mainly to help other people? Everything you’re experiencing is important, even making friends with a gecko and Ramon!
    We miss you too but we’re proud of you for doing this.

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