I decided to have a change of scene today and sat in the very pretty garden at Casa de Todo (the internet café/souvenir shop/café/launderette) to do my homework. At school I told Karla about Toy Story, then we did more work on pronouns, and then moved onto the preterite tense (one of the past tenses). I was very happy. When we went to Café Welchez I even felt like I understand more already!

Karla, Robin, Edgar and I played Scrabble when we got back to school. I’m rubbish at it in this language too, although I did get a few good words which surprised me. I got stuck with the ‘z’ in the end though. I only know 4 words with ‘z’ in: luz, lapiz, nariz, (can’t remember the fourth now) and I didn’t have any vowels!

I was held hostage in my bathroom today by a spider. He’s determined to stay, but I don’t want him there. So I just have a really good look for him before I touch anything in there. A gecko has also decided to inhabit my room. Geckos don’t really bother me, but I don’t really want to climb into bed one night with him. And I had to kill some nasty looking bug that hitched a ride on my newly washed jeans. I’m sure it was a very small scorpion or something.

Everyone in Copan seems to go out on Friday. Much like everywhere else. Robin and I met Nat and Nicola in Café ViaVia and had a drink there, and then we all moved onto Tunkul’s next door and met lots of other people, including Francis, Maurizio, Kike, Ramon, and many others. I had a good laugh with Ramon, through my limited Spanish and his limited English. He seemed to think he was getting somewhere and told me he liked me, and a couple of seconds later, Nat pulled me to one side and told me he has a pregnant girlfriend! He was funny though so I hope we hang out again, maybe with him flirting a little less! Boys. You’re all the same. Twats. Might have to teach Ramon that word!

After Tunkul’s we walked down to Camino Maya Hotel, because it also has a discoteca underground! It was kinda boring, but it was nice to find out that some places in the world still play Ace of Base in 2005.

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  1. The small scorpion was probably a fly! Glad to hear you’re washing your clothes though!
    Tell Ramon you’ve got a real fearsome mum so he better watch himself! At least you’re practising your Spanish.

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