Whiled away my morning watching Mighty Ducks 3 and Man on Fire. Mmm…Denzel Washington. Robin and I went to find somewhere serving breakfast, but everywhere starts serving lunch by 11.30am here. We both felt kinda bad cuz in Copan the host family makes meals for you everyday, but in Antigua you get your own food on Sundays. So neither of us showed up for breakfast or lunch that day!

I watched yet another film (Home Fries), and we thought we’d be going to the bird sanctuary, but no such luck. We went to Café Welchez and read for a while.

Came home and watched Erin Brokovich and Se7en dubbed. That was interesting. Then we went to Tunkul’s for a couple of beers. Met the Nicaraguan guy on our way out and said goodbye cuz he leaves tomorrow. Hoped to see Jimmy out but there weren’t many people around.

Another slow day, so I’ll tell you about licuados. Licuados are really yummy drinks, made in a liquidiser, usually with fruit, but you can get chocolate or cereal too. The licuado con leche is basically a milkshake, but made fresh and with real fruit, and they are divine. Especially the pineapple one.

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