The main road through Sesesmil Dos

So work isn’t too bad. We have a taxi that drives us up to the village at 7am, so we’re there by 7:30am. Then we work until around 12noon, then wait for a pickup to drive by and take us back to Copan. Sometimes you wait five minutes, sometimes forty minutes. Worst part is when one flies by at 11:50am and then we have to wait ages for the next. Keith is still having Spanish lessons this week, and Kike’s set up all the trips for Robin and I this week, so we all have to be back and cleaned up by 2pm.

Went up to Sesesmil Dos in a tuk-tuk today, and we finished House #1. Think Oscar was quite surprised. So we moved onto House #2 just down the road, and once again I was nearest the road. I had to dig to the same depth as the pipe running along the road – really deep! I came across one rock that took ages to dig out, and then one of the local guys came along and did some picking for me – much better at it than I am! Then we realized there was a huge boulder in the middle of where we needed to dig. At least 4ft cubed. So we did as much as we could before we had to leave. Guillermo, the guy in charge of the project, came along, said hi and that he’d show us how to lay the pipes at the end of the week.

We caught a pickup ride back and my cap went flying off. It was very sunny today and I got badly burnt on my arms and neck. Shock. We went on our “horse-riding” trip today, up to an indigenous village, where we got to grind maize and make tortillas. The riding was interesting. We got western saddles which was cool, and the bit was basically a piece of metal on either side of the horse’s mouth with the reins (which were ropes) attached, but nothing going through the mouth. My horse naturally went to sleep, as do all horses I ride. And there isn’t much to these horses: you don’t feel like there’s very much under you.

There’s a doctor staying/living at the hotel I’m in, who I met at supper. He can speak quite a bit of English, and said he’d teach me a new Spanish word each day.

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